Dance is a performing art form consisting of purposefully selected sequences of human movement. This movement has aesthetic and symbolic value, and is acknowledged as dance by performers and observers within a particular culture.[nb 1] Dance can be categorized and described by its choreography, by its repertoire of movements, or by its historical period or place of origin.


Martin Labruna & Andrea Bestvater

Both graduates in The National School of Drama in Argentina, They combine a Ballet and gymnast background with a great experience as a tango Dancers. Super enjoyable Performance with precise movements and highly risky. In The lessons they will focus on Improve the Expressions in the body and technical things that helps to a natural development of the dance.


Cristian Correa & Miriam Copello

They are coming from a social environment combining Folklore and Rock & roll with their Tango Dance. Super didactic feelings to teach and create nice vibes in the lessons. with a very nice Performance always a surprise is coming. Lessons very good for Salon understanding and rhythm dance.


Oscar Mandagaran & Georgina Vargas

OSCAR MANDAGARAN - was born in Misiones, Argentina, starting his professional career as an Argentine Folk Dancer in 1983. 1990-96 Cast member of the National Ballet Folklorico. He holds degrees on: National Professor of Dance, Performer of Latin American Dances, & Arqueology and Anthropology Technician from the Instituto Nacional de Danzas Folkloricas Argentinas. 1990-97: Cast member of some of the best shows in Buenos Aires. Played a part in Carlos Saura’s film “TANGO”. 1997-2003: Cast member of the Broadway acclaimed show “FOREVER TANGO” and Luis Bravo’s MALAMBO show.
GEORGINA VARGAS Dancer & Tango singer was born in Montevideo, Uruguay. As a child, she began her studies as a ballet & contemporary dancer, As a Tango Singer in 2006 she recorded her first CD “Por Aquellos Tangos” and is currently working on a second one, with compositions of her own inspiration.


Ezequiel Paludi & Geraldin Rojas

Bailando nos enamoramos,
bailando nuestro amor juramos.
Testigo el bandoneón
nos endulzaba el corazón,
con el rezongo de su voz

Live Music


Roberto Sarno

Roberto Sarno was born in Italy in 1968, he began his violin training at the age of 8 and was admitted to the Conservatory N. Piccinni in his native town Bari at the age of 10.

Through the years he has performed and studied in Europe, North America and the Middle East.

During a stay in the US he toured with the famous Broadway tango show Forever Tango, which lay the foundation of his love for tango music.

He moved to Denmark in 1997 and has collaborated with symphony orchestras and chamber groups, being hired as concertmaster and strings instructor. For ten years he had his own tango group El Boliche and is currently concertmaster of Silkeborg Chamber Orchestra.

Roberto Sarno has accumulated for many years extensive experience as a musician – as a soloist, in chamber music, symphonic connections and conducting – as well as a successful teacher, deeply committed to talent development through the world recognized Suzuki method. He arranges and is the musical director of the annual Viborg Suzuki summer camp and is furthermore continuously invited both as a teacher and a lecturer at Suzuki courses and conferences throughout Europe.

Mr. Sarno enjoys performing regularly both playing on modern violin, classical and tango as well as baroque, spending the rest of his time teaching in two prestigious schools, the Viborg Music School and Skanderborg Culture School. His pupils are the recipient of several awards, scholarships and are admitted with high recognition in conservatories and academies.In 2016 recorded “Sax To Tango”, with Julio Botti at the sax and Pablo Ziegler (Piazzolla’s pianist) at the the piano, which gained them a Latin Grammy nomination.


Patricio Moya

Pianist, Performance


Adrián Minkowicz is a multitalented artist from Argentina, residing in New York and Brussels. He is an actor and comedian as well as a writer and director. He has written and directed several theatre plays. He also has written scripts and articles for both newspapers and radio. He is also a lawyer and holds a Master Degree in Law & Economics.

Adrián studied drama with prestigious masters in Buenos Aires and New York. He was directed by renowned theater directors like Carlos Gandolfo or Julio Chavez. He has studied playwriting and theater directing at the “Teatro General San Martin”. Adrian is also a seasoned stand-up comedian that performs regularly in countries of America, Europe and Asia in clubs and national TV. He is a recipient of an artist visa in the US and recently, Adrian was asked to be a “Featured Guest” on the live TV broadcast the “Artie Lange Show” in New York City three times and performed stand-up on the prestigious “Gotham Comedy Live” (AXSTV).

Adrián co-founded in 2009 the company "Human Works". He has written and directed most of the performances of the company that toured in countries such as, Greece, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Lithuania, Belgium, France, Turkey, Rumania and China. Now he is part of the TV comedy show “Satirks på Ekte” for NRK in Norway.



El Popul Castello (IT)

Musicalizza as a professional since 2000 and acquired international experience and fame thanks to the numerous festivals and gatherings of Tango Argentino which is often invited to. ‘Course for Musicalizadòr: History and peculiarity of classical and contemporary orchestras and singers of Tango Argentino, Management of milonga’s playlist, secrets and ‘tricks’ of the Best DJs.